think before you speak


A friend linked me to this. Although I’m certainly not in the affected demographic, I wanted to weigh in on this.

The campaign itself, is a great idea. I can’t imagine the constant torment that teenagers in these types of situations go through. But, the posters themselves are (even if meant to be ironic) are really just bashing other stereotypes.

The feeling I get from these is; it’s okay to make the remark about the gamer kid, but don’t ever make a similar statement about a gay/lesbian/transexual, etc. I understand, that’s NOT the idea, but essentially the campaign is using double-negative methods to attempt a positive outcome.

The dictionary style posters are just as bad. Instead of trying to be moderately humorous, the creators could have just left the actual definition on a poster. To me, knowing a faggot represents a bundle of sticks is far more destructive to such a hurtful slur than the rest of the poster, but the message is lost in the translation.

The problem with campaigns like this, is they alienate the group they are trying to help. Every demographic is picked on by one another in school, to be honest I don’t know anyone who never had a problem with someone in their school years. However, the same people that picked on me are now the guys I go drinking with.

Just a thought, as incoherent as it came out.

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