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As anyone can quickly tell, I’m a huge fan of Thrice. So I was pretty ecstatic when their new album, Beggars came out. The band have pretty much shed their aggressive sound for something more akin to alt-rock. It’s a strange transition, but one that I saw coming when Vheissu was released. I like it. Either way, pick it up on iTunes, it’s worth the listen!

Liam and I have discussed this countless times, and I know Ollie was on it as well. Kevin Smith is a highly over-rated director, but his Q&A Sessions are awesome and hilarious. Some of it even makes it to his movies. My favourite, and most often used quote comes from him: There is only one return; and it ain’t of the King it’s of the Jedi!

We’re enjoying a near 40C heat wave this week, I say enjoying because it’s better then the -40C cold snap we will get in about 6 months.

The AceKard2 is my new favourite piece of equipment. For $12 (plus free shipping at the link) you can’t go wrong. I’ve got a 2GB MicroSD Card in mine and loaded about 10 games without filling it. Nintendo DS Roms are easy enough to find.

I’ve been trying to get my Blackberry on IRC for two weeks. But my company’s IT Policy won’t let me run a program such as an IRC Client on the ‘Berry, does anyone know a WAP/Web Based IRC client that will run on a Blackberry 8700(R)? eBuddy claims to support IRC, but the mobile version lacks the feature.

Lastly, everyone should change their Facebook language to English (Pirate) for a good lolz.

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