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Some people say we have too much time on our hands. We like to view it as a service that we provide you with - since we surf the net most days, get linked to a bunch of pages, stumble upon stuff ourselves, we thought you would appriciate it if we stuck them in one place, and filter out the crap. Knock yourselves out!

What is dovka?

this is a group blog run by a group of irc zealots, the prefabricators; each is a member of an exclusive irc channel on phrenzy.


here's a list of destinations that are worth visiting…


we talk about a range of stuff here at dovka:


always dedicated to the cause, the prefabricators microblog whilst out exploring the real world…

  • johnny: This #sens #nyr game is ridiculous #NHL someone might get murdered on the ice — 2 am
  • johnny: Just grabbed Sergio Romo in #gmriv because Brian Wilson is dead — 1 am
  • johnny: Why does the #BlueJays bullpen always blow into matter who's pitching? Like 3 years of it now… — 11 pm
  • johnny: It's 430 and I still feel like a bag of crap #hangover — 9 pm
  • johnny: Oh yeah a #Charley's steak sub #truelove — 8 pm
  • johnny: A guy who will tell you what he thinks 100% of the time #me #neverworks — 29 HRS AGO

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