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i sing the body electric

Written: 17:19 on April 11, 2009  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
Has it really been 10 years? I can remember when the lobby fight scene was the most hyped thing I'd ever heard. Still amongst my favourite all-time sequences, despite the cheesy techno music.

Excuse the link to xkcd. I'm torn on still enjoying it. While I used to really enjoy the comics, a lot of them now just feel rushed to fulfill a deadline. I think I liked it more when Randall just updated when he had something funny to say.

I'm glad the snow is finally melting here. Winter gets old after about January 1st or so, which is long before we had our week long -40c cold-snap.

As the snow melts, I've discovered the fence running along the drainage ditch is broken. The soft ground looks to have gave way, causing the fence posts to slide into the ditch. We had planned on building up a containing wall last summer, but never got around to it.

Time has become a rare commodity lately. My day is made up of work, and then spending as much possible time with Jaedyhn before she goes to bed for the night. Weekends are the same, with brief rest periods when she naps or is occupied with her blocks, books or some other toy.

That in mind, explains why my skills at games like Counter-Strike Source have become atrocious; no time to even keep them up to par. Let alone get better! I could stay up until dawn playing, but when your child WAKES UP at dawn, it's no good.

I try to sit down and write a good post about her growth over the days. Truth be told, a lot happens in terms of her growth every day; she learns new words, co-ordination improves, figures out a new toy or generally causes havoc around the house. Our current battle is keeping her out of everything in the house; every cupboard, door, nook, window, couch and table is an adventure for her at this stage. It's not uncommon to take her down from a chair, only to find her crawling onto the window ledge a few moments later, or swinging on the rocking chair yelling "ROOOOOOCKY!" to everyone that passes by.

Jaedyhn's trying really hard to learn to jump, her balance needs some more improvement before she can do it (Bonus Tip: Lift her up and say "JUMP!", she will be your best friend forever).

I'm introducing her to music, slowly. She already has an affinity for Protest The Hero, which is amusing.

On a complete sidenote, congratulations to Microsoft for finally making an advertisement that I enjoy and isn't completely pointless.
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fallout 3

Written: 03:25 on December 09, 2008  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
I recently purchased Bethesda's excellent 'First-Person RPG'; Fallout 3. After 20 or so hours, I've made a few observations about this excellent game I would like to bring to light:

Ammo Plz - The problem with most games is too much ammo, you can't seem to open a soup can in most shooters without finding a shell. Not so in Fallout 3. Ammo is scarce so far in the game. Often times I will finish a quest with no ammo left, having started with enough rounds to bring down most of the Canadian Army.

…and the horse you rode in on - Kevin Costner once played a postman in post-nuclear war America, where he rode a horse and duped people into believing the government was coming back, before becoming a hero somehow that I forget. Anyways, he rode a horse. Some form of transportation beyond my feet would be amazing. It's not so bad when you instant-travel to already discovered areas. But it's long walk to Rivet City from Megaton is all.

V.A.T.S. of crap - VATS - that is to say, the system that stops time and allows you to aim at specific body parts to dismember your enemies or even blow their heads out, is at best a nice gimmick. The first few times you use the system you are amazed at the varying results. Until you figure out the grueling pattern; take out the legs then blast away the torso. My biggest annoyance with VATS is the fact it often makes no sense; 5% chance to hit torso but 95% chance to hit an arm? What the hell is this?

The above being said, this is still an amazing game.

I also recommend everyone check out Auditorium. This has to be the most addictive thing since WoW.

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i'm not a playa, i just crush a lot.

Written: 23:48 on February 23, 2007  |  By: ethan  |  MORE…
I've been thinking for the past week now, "Wow Ethan, you haven't dovka'd in ages now. What is UP with THAT??" Yes, it was punctuated and capitalised just like that. The thing is, I have been busy. I'm busier than ever with my job, and actually have been working on a design for the past few hours, off and on. We've got a new accounting and estimating package being installed, and I'm in charge of the estimating portion. Yay. So I've got about 20 projects on the fly, said software, and I'm still supposed to be doing up my RCDD about now.

When I haven't been working, I've been playing Final Fantasy VI Advance, and enjoying it immensely. There aren't many games that are on its level, in my book, and the updates to this one, and the pure fact that I can play it on the toilet, make it exceptional in my book. What makes this game so great, though? I've been trying to put my finger on it the whole time I've been playing it. To be honest, the characters are not amazing. They are mostly cool, but some I find absolutely grating. Kefka, for instance. I've never had a thing for him like everyone else playing this game has seemed to. He's annoying. His motivation is basically just the fact that he's zany. That is not a good character. So what is good?

Firstly, I say the pacing. It moves along at a nice pace through the first half of the game, and much of what you can spend tedious hours pursuing in the second half is optional. That is the beauty of it. The semi-linearity means I can attack the plot when I want to, and the rest of the time can be spent wandering the Veldt or killing brontosaurs for economizers (with any luck, that is).

Second, the options available to you. The selection of espers you equip on each character determines what stats increase, and what spells they learn. And of course each of them have their own unique skill. That's a great compromise between total customization and having characters set on their own singular track.

Thirdly, why am I talking about this game? Everyone knows it is good. If you don't, you are crazy. Unless you just don't enjoy RPGs, in which case I won't attempt to convert you, lest you try to convert me to playing Madden 2018.

Hopefully I will get some things done well enough that I can actually put some thought into this next time. Oh, I bought a bottle of vodka and a 2004 Riesling tonight, as well. Anyone wanting to see me drunk should contact me tomorrow at this time, because I fully intend to finish that wine tomorrow evening, and make a dent in some liquor. Does anyone have a frittata recipe that works? I'd really like to make one, though I'm not sure I have the pans I need for it. Recipes, anyhoo.

Word up.
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