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Written: 00:32 on August 14, 2008  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
For those of you that haven't noticed the wonderful side-bar app that Jon coded, we now have a nice little Twitter streamer. I also thought some nice links would be in order, feel free to follow Dovka-ers on our many adventures, in our many acres as we drink from many toilets.

Anthony (_parable)
Jon (_jon)
Ethan (1p5v)
Liam (_yen)
Johnny (JohnnyDubble)

Some other interesting twitters I follow:
Mars Phoenix Lander - First person perspective on the Mars Phoenix Lander, neat idea.
Thursday The band Thursday has a neat studio journal, unfortunately every album they've released since Full Collapse has been a disappointment.

Although, according to this, UK users can no longer receive SMS updates. Poor fellows.

Some other great sites I frequent:
Official Ubuntu Forums - A great resource for all things *buntu.
Deezer - Online music streams, great for work.
OpenDrive Access your hard-drive from anywhere.
Today's Big Thing - Whatever the latest internet video-fad is.

A more complete, and actual blog, post to follow.
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because liam won't do it

Written: 22:32 on November 23, 2007  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
power less …it has different punctuation, but Dovka doesn't like it.
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there has not been a dovka in more than two weeks.

Written: 19:15 on April 10, 2007  |  By: ethan  |  MORE…
And for that, we are sorry.

1. fon is a brilliant idea, right in line with my socialist tendencies, but the fonera router is a piece of trash. It won't connect to Googletalk, or check Gmail via POP. I also can't attach to my work VPN through it, and the private wifi signal won't ever give me an IP address. So now I just keep it plugged in, so on the off chance anyone ends up in the middle of nowhere near me, they can connect all they want.

2. DECT makes for a better home phone than 2.4ghz ever did.

3. I'm clearly a network nerd, which you should all know by now, since I just rewired my home network to fit in the unused portion of a bookshelf. Well, in the empty space under it, really. Although now I'm thinking it would be neat to get some short rack rails and actually fit it into the shelf.

4. Getting Amazon Secret Santa gifts in April is actually a pleasant experience, and Porco Rosso is excellent.

5. I bought a 32" LCD TV today. I'll let you know how that is when it arrives in 7-10 days.

6. Goodnight!
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well... liam made me do it.

Written: 14:32 on December 29, 2006  |  By: jon  |  MORE…
It has taken long enough to find the motivation to put something here again, but here we have it. A really plain and rather pathetic blog (god, I hate that "word"). Last night in The Station, our local pub, I mentioned in passing to Liam that I'd found out a few new things about this server during my time at work. We got talking about the old Dovka website and both mentioned that we missed having somewhere to just dump some text, or write an article - you know; that sort of stuff! I also thought it'd be a great way to practice SEO for certain topics, a good place to post any crap about programming or web design etc. that I came across and certainly a good place to post rants about my principle hobby, Counter-Strike.

I did have a look around this morning at the "blogosphere" (another term I hate. I actually grimaced whilst typing it) and there are so many pages that could be carbon copies of each other. If I have to read another post about some person who just finished an awesome layout filled with AJAX, CSS2.x (compatible with 3.x, naturally!) and XHTML1.1S and the obligatory arse-lick comments from passers by that inevitably come with it, I might take a toaster with me next time I take a bath. I'm all for someone celebrating their achievements, but I'm sick of the same achievement being posted again and again ad infinitum on infinite weblogs. Having said all that, I better watch my step. Don't want to be labeled a hypocrite now, do I?
What is dovka?

this is a group blog run by a group of irc zealots, the prefabricators; each is a member of an exclusive irc channel on phrenzy.


here's a list of destinations that are worth visiting…


we talk about a range of stuff here at dovka:


always dedicated to the cause, the prefabricators microblog whilst out exploring the real world…

  • johnny: I didn't realize how tired I was until I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. Best nap ever. — 9 pm
  • johnny: Man the kings can't buy a breaks tonight #stanleycupplayoffs — 25 HRS AGO
  • johnny: Why was there just a whistle in the kings game? And then the face off was at center? I don't understand what happened — 25 HRS AGO
  • johnny: So happy it's my last day. All I wanna do is sleep — 35 HRS AGO
  • johnny: Just got asked to play beach volleyball this summer, I haven't played volleyball in years and I'm not that good #decisions — 55 HRS AGO
  • johnny: People always ask me why I sound so bored at work. You ask the same questions 50000 times and try and sound excited about it — 62 HRS AGO

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