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What is dovka?

this is a group blog run by a group of irc zealots, the prefabricators; each is a member of an exclusive irc channel on phrenzy.


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always dedicated to the cause, the prefabricators microblog whilst out exploring the real world…

  • anthony: Does not really enjoy the TV choice in Emergency. — 6 am
  • liam: take it back and recast james callis as the new doctor. — 56 HRS AGO
  • liam: my lips seem to have developed a lifeform — 249 HRS AGO
  • anthony: waiting for work to be done. — 303 HRS AGO
  • anthony: wishes Christmas vacation started now. — 326 HRS AGO
  • liam: I would be happy if my body temperature would stop fluctuating between ~106F and ~ -3C. — 349 HRS AGO

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