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an idea...

Written: 05:16 on October 29, 2009  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
Since heroes has become so lame…an idea occurred to me on how to reboot it. Hiro goes back in time and says something to Angela Pitrelli, new story ensues from new time line, a newer and better show (much like season 1) appears.
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a question,,,

Written: 05:26 on October 01, 2009  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
John says:
it's not like there's anything wrong with leaving the toilet seat up…it's easier that way
why does the toilet seat always have to be down
after the girls done, why can't she put the toilet seat UP
anthony says:
I'm not sure, to be honest.
John says:
why is it always on us for not putting it down
anthony says:
That is my argument!
Put it up for me for once
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days of great joy!

Written: 22:28 on September 27, 2009  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
Just a little happiness to show all our faithful readers that some of us are doing alright, I thought I'd give a little bit of love to our fellow writers/good friends here at dovka.

First off, our good friend andrew has recently gotten married, so lets all give him a round of applause {clap, clap, clap}, here is a picture of him and his bootiful mistress brittany, better known as SPOCK.

Skydruid and Top Totty

Secondly, our friend anthony who is expecting his second (or thousandth) child, recently got engaged to a LOVELY girl named Tandah, so let's all boo and jeer him. I kid, we love you anthony.

Tandah and Retard

So, I just thought the internet should be informed of these breaking events.

Congrats to you both, may you live long and happy lives!
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welcome to the jungle

Written: 19:09 on June 18, 2009  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…

Pure Awesome.
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if i was coach i'd go home and google "dragonslayer"

Written: 06:05 on May 16, 2009  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
I just had a boneless chicken wing from KFC, it’s kind of weird because I think it is mostly just a chicken finger.

On the chicken winger (see what I did there) note, I one day pray for a microwave that equally heats everything.

The has been a week of season finale’s for me, don’t read any further if you watch any of the following shows: LOST, HOUSE, Survivor.

For one, I thought LOST ended on a rather predictable note. I mean, we all KNEW the H-bomb was gonna go off, ending the season with it going off was weak, real weak. But all in all I thought it was a good ending to the season all other things considered. I’m 100% sure that Jacob (or is it jakob) is not actually dead, he has planned for this with that latino girl who leads those guys carrying dead john locke around.

HOUSE ended sweetly, man, I totally thought he did cuddy.

I’m pumped Coach finally got voted off, but he was entertaining if nothing else, I admire anyone who can compulsively lie so well and constantly. I wonder if JT will retaliate against Stephen for the pseudo-blindside.

The blue jays are somehow holding onto the AL East lead. God they’re getting my hopes up and it’s not a good thing.

I don’t normally watch boxing (read as don’t ever watch) but it is on my tv right now and I always wonder, who is losing matches if EVERYONE is 27-6 or 28-2 or 45-8. Someone must have a losing record how come we never see this guy.
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who is this guy?

Written: 00:59 on May 11, 2009  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
I’ve recently begun thinking about going back to school, though I’m wondering what I should take. I would like to take Computer Science because I’ve always had a passing interest in programming, I’m just wondering whether it would translate to an education. I could also finish my math degree, but I’m not sure if I’m smart enough for that because that Linear Algebra II class in my last year of University kicked my ass.

It’s probably because I never went though because it was at 8:30 in the morning and University takes place during the winter months.

Even when at home in his lazing around shorts and t-shirt my dad tucks his shirt in…isn’t that more uncomfortable than leaving it untucked?

At work lately I’ve been so bored and they block so many sites on the internet that I’ve pretty much given up…then I rediscovered I’d say maybe one in ten sites interests me, but I click them all just to kill time.

If I had a lot of money and wanted to build a tourist attraction that I would actually be proud of I think I would build a house made entirely out of lego. Not just the house but everything inside would be made of lego as well. Do you think the roof would leak? Or you could layer it properly enough to not. Would it shatter in the cold?

[19:39] <@anthony> It wouldn't leak if you used the big sheet pieces as your roof

An excellent idea. Just like shingles.

My slo-pitch season has started for the summer, we’ve played two games and I think I’ve injured my shoulder somehow. I dunno what I’ve done, it’s still mobile but right below my collarbone is killing me. I’m worried the muscle might be torn off. One of my not so good habits is when I think something is wrong with my body I google the symptoms trying to find out what is wrong. Google tells me I have a rotator cuff tear, the only problem is, I don’t match any of the symptoms. I continue to play baseball though. I aspire to be Manny Ramirez.

I’m amazed at how often people update their twitter sometimes, I’m lucky if I get to mine once every 2 weeks.

I really enjoy the books by this Canadian author. If you like anything fantasy in books, I suggest you read them. To be honest, Steve Erikson is probably some of the best fantasy I have ever read, and I’m not saying that as a boasting Canadian.
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if the world could vote

Written: 03:09 on October 25, 2008  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
Just something interesting i stumbled across:

If the world could vote.
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canadian politics

Written: 21:17 on October 16, 2008  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
I would just like to rant a little here, as I love my country and the election process and yadda yadda….but there is a problem. You see, when Bush was re-elected, people everywhere, all over Canada in fact hooted and hollered about how ridiculous it was to re-elect him.

Well in fact, I think Canada has one-upped the United States, we have in fact re-elected a prime minister for a second time whose election platform was, in fact, non-existent. His entire campaign was spent defending things he did in his past 3 years as prime minister, he didn't put forward anything new, and yet SOMEHOW he GAINED seats. So, while we rip on someone who at least puts forth a plan of action (no matter how much we might disagree with it) we turn out to have no problem at all with someone who puts forth no plan in Harper. Annoy.

On another note, hooray for the Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys being injured, I sure hate the Dallas Cowboys.

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rip bernie mac

Written: 03:20 on August 10, 2008  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
Rest in Peace Dear Bernie…
Bernie Mac (1957 - 2008)

Sad to see you go…
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free time, ahoy!

Written: 21:57 on July 30, 2008  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
Okay, I have a summer job, which, sometime in November will turn into a full time adult position. As we all know summer, according to school rules, ends at the end of August, or rather, after Labour Day. This leaves me with approximately 2 months in some jobless void (a sort of frictional unemployment if you'll allow me to flex my economics degree).

So with this short term freedom - during this time I intend to mouch off the system (Unemployment Insurance) - I am trying to figure out what I should accomplish, not accomplish, or how i should enjoy myself. There are a couple of options:

  1. Drive across Canada to British Columbia for approximately 1 week there. I figure this will kill a good 2 weeks of time as it takes about 3 days to drive out there and 3 days to drive back, maybe a little more if I'm in no hurry. I've never seen my own country really and I figure now is as good a time as any plus one of my housemates from University lives out there, so I can stay with him for free.
  2. Fire out to Thailand in November for about a week and a half. I've got a buddy at school in Australia who also wants to go to Thailand, so we would meet there and pick up one of those many Thai hookers…double wrapped of course…
  3. Sit at home and do nothing… boring…
  4. In the mean time, throughout September and October, I have baseball twice a week and am entering a bowling league (I am actually overly excited for a bowling league), but that will not keep me busy, what is there to do in your own town to make you not bored?

Help me out here people! Make my decisions for me!

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On a side note:
A conversation with andrew:

(andrew) imagine
(andrew) a mexican japanese person
(andrew) they'd have an amazing 14 year old moustache

I think their moustache would be outstanding at any age

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I want one of these.
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