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random music suggestion: dredg - el cielo

Written: 05:17 on November 10, 2010  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
I can't even begin to explain this album was in not only my musical life, but my life in general. Conceptually a brilliant take on both the concept of dreams and rem sleep, as well as the concept of sleep paralysis. To build the concept of the album the band asked fans who suffered from sleep paralysis, or had experienced the symptom in some way to write letters to them, explaining either how the condition affected them, or describing their vivid waking dreams. The end result was the letters forming the majority of the lyrical structure of the album.

Beautiful vocals, boundary pushing instrumentals and some of the most juxtaposed musical concepts make this album a constant in my rotation to this day.

Highlight track - this is one album I can honestly say I consider every track to be a highlight. But 'Whoa Is Me' has always stuck out to me as just a haunting piece.

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my vice

Written: 21:07 on April 14, 2010  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
I recently upgraded my XBOX 360 to a PS3. That it to say, Kijiji is awesome for selling people things when they have no idea how much said things are worth.

Case in point, I sold an XBOX 360 (Elite) with:
  • 120GB Hard Drive
  • Two controllers (one wired one wireless)
  • One quick charge cable
  • One headset
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2
  • Gears Of War I
  • Bioshock I
  • Fallout 3
  • Mass Effect I
  • Rock Band (Disc only)

For a grand total of $550.00, which was rapidly transformed into a Playstation 3 and several games.

That being said; I think the PS3's online mode far exceeds the 360; it's free and offers the exact same service set. Not to mention that streaming media from a Windows Based PC is as simple as turning the machine on. Microsoft has had years to work out the bugs in the streaming features on the 360. However the system is unreliable at best, and unworkable the majority of the time.

Also, the PS3 has Blu-Ray….which I've yet to use. But is somehow a huge selling point for the console, according to the Self-Admitted-Non-Gamer EB Employee. (Seriously, why work in a store that you don't even USE what you're selling? And who the fuck hires people that have no idea about the industry they are servicing.)

I'm an occasional reader of Penny Arcade. That is to say, I view what comes in front of me with a certain amusement. Sometimes they are dead on. Sometimes they miss, but the comic itself is fairly iconic. The other "Arcadeism", if you will, are the news posts from the creators, Tycho and Gabe. Normally, I avoid them based on one simple fact: You don't learn a godamn thing. Apparently they are not happy with the new Final Fantasy, but I don't see HOW based on the post.
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think before you speak

Written: 00:37 on August 22, 2009  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
A friend linked me to this. Although I'm certainly not in the affected demographic, I wanted to weigh in on this.

The campaign itself, is a great idea. I can't imagine the constant torment that teenagers in these types of situations go through. But, the posters themselves are (even if meant to be ironic) are really just bashing other stereotypes.

The feeling I get from these is; it's okay to make the remark about the gamer kid, but don't ever make a similar statement about a gay/lesbian/transexual, etc. I understand, that's NOT the idea, but essentially the campaign is using double-negative methods to attempt a positive outcome.

The dictionary style posters are just as bad. Instead of trying to be moderately humorous, the creators could have just left the actual definition on a poster. To me, knowing a faggot represents a bundle of sticks is far more destructive to such a hurtful slur than the rest of the poster, but the message is lost in the translation.

The problem with campaigns like this, is they alienate the group they are trying to help. Every demographic is picked on by one another in school, to be honest I don't know anyone who never had a problem with someone in their school years. However, the same people that picked on me are now the guys I go drinking with.

Just a thought, as incoherent as it came out.
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thar be posts 'ere

Written: 13:35 on August 16, 2009  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
As anyone can quickly tell, I'm a huge fan of Thrice. So I was pretty ecstatic when their new album, Beggars came out. The band have pretty much shed their aggressive sound for something more akin to alt-rock. It's a strange transition, but one that I saw coming when Vheissu was released. I like it. Either way, pick it up on iTunes, it's worth the listen!

Liam and I have discussed this countless times, and I know Ollie was on it as well. Kevin Smith is a highly over-rated director, but his Q&A Sessions are awesome and hilarious. Some of it even makes it to his movies. My favourite, and most often used quote comes from him: There is only one return; and it ain't of the King it's of the Jedi!

We're enjoying a near 40C heat wave this week, I say enjoying because it's better then the -40C cold snap we will get in about 6 months.

The AceKard2 is my new favourite piece of equipment. For $12 (plus free shipping at the link) you can't go wrong. I've got a 2GB MicroSD Card in mine and loaded about 10 games without filling it. Nintendo DS Roms are easy enough to find.

I've been trying to get my Blackberry on IRC for two weeks. But my company's IT Policy won't let me run a program such as an IRC Client on the 'Berry, does anyone know a WAP/Web Based IRC client that will run on a Blackberry 8700(R)? eBuddy claims to support IRC, but the mobile version lacks the feature.

Lastly, everyone should change their Facebook language to English (Pirate) for a good lolz.
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i sing the body electric

Written: 17:19 on April 11, 2009  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
Has it really been 10 years? I can remember when the lobby fight scene was the most hyped thing I'd ever heard. Still amongst my favourite all-time sequences, despite the cheesy techno music.

Excuse the link to xkcd. I'm torn on still enjoying it. While I used to really enjoy the comics, a lot of them now just feel rushed to fulfill a deadline. I think I liked it more when Randall just updated when he had something funny to say.

I'm glad the snow is finally melting here. Winter gets old after about January 1st or so, which is long before we had our week long -40c cold-snap.

As the snow melts, I've discovered the fence running along the drainage ditch is broken. The soft ground looks to have gave way, causing the fence posts to slide into the ditch. We had planned on building up a containing wall last summer, but never got around to it.

Time has become a rare commodity lately. My day is made up of work, and then spending as much possible time with Jaedyhn before she goes to bed for the night. Weekends are the same, with brief rest periods when she naps or is occupied with her blocks, books or some other toy.

That in mind, explains why my skills at games like Counter-Strike Source have become atrocious; no time to even keep them up to par. Let alone get better! I could stay up until dawn playing, but when your child WAKES UP at dawn, it's no good.

I try to sit down and write a good post about her growth over the days. Truth be told, a lot happens in terms of her growth every day; she learns new words, co-ordination improves, figures out a new toy or generally causes havoc around the house. Our current battle is keeping her out of everything in the house; every cupboard, door, nook, window, couch and table is an adventure for her at this stage. It's not uncommon to take her down from a chair, only to find her crawling onto the window ledge a few moments later, or swinging on the rocking chair yelling "ROOOOOOCKY!" to everyone that passes by.

Jaedyhn's trying really hard to learn to jump, her balance needs some more improvement before she can do it (Bonus Tip: Lift her up and say "JUMP!", she will be your best friend forever).

I'm introducing her to music, slowly. She already has an affinity for Protest The Hero, which is amusing.

On a complete sidenote, congratulations to Microsoft for finally making an advertisement that I enjoy and isn't completely pointless.
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fallout 3

Written: 03:25 on December 09, 2008  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
I recently purchased Bethesda's excellent 'First-Person RPG'; Fallout 3. After 20 or so hours, I've made a few observations about this excellent game I would like to bring to light:

Ammo Plz - The problem with most games is too much ammo, you can't seem to open a soup can in most shooters without finding a shell. Not so in Fallout 3. Ammo is scarce so far in the game. Often times I will finish a quest with no ammo left, having started with enough rounds to bring down most of the Canadian Army.

…and the horse you rode in on - Kevin Costner once played a postman in post-nuclear war America, where he rode a horse and duped people into believing the government was coming back, before becoming a hero somehow that I forget. Anyways, he rode a horse. Some form of transportation beyond my feet would be amazing. It's not so bad when you instant-travel to already discovered areas. But it's long walk to Rivet City from Megaton is all.

V.A.T.S. of crap - VATS - that is to say, the system that stops time and allows you to aim at specific body parts to dismember your enemies or even blow their heads out, is at best a nice gimmick. The first few times you use the system you are amazed at the varying results. Until you figure out the grueling pattern; take out the legs then blast away the torso. My biggest annoyance with VATS is the fact it often makes no sense; 5% chance to hit torso but 95% chance to hit an arm? What the hell is this?

The above being said, this is still an amazing game.

I also recommend everyone check out Auditorium. This has to be the most addictive thing since WoW.

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jack thompson to be disbarred!

Written: 13:31 on November 01, 2008  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
Everyone's favourite anti-video game crusader just received a huge blow in the state of Florida, which is recommending that, in 30 days Jack Thompson be officially disbarred; IE: prevented from practising law and can never re-apply to do so again.

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Written: 00:31 on October 06, 2008  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
Hello, again.

In the past week we have had a minor flood, a near oil-spill (damn furnace), a computer nearly melt and the coffee maker seems to hate me.

Aside from that, owning a house is wonderful. We can blast music at all hours of the night (provided the baby isn't asleep), I can play Bioshock until my eyes bleed at high volume (again, provided the baby isn't asleep). The annoying thing about home ownership is the responsibility. When renting if something goes wrong you just call your landlord and it gets fixed. Now it is an ordeal! Scheduled appointments must be made, payments completed, plumbers yelled at for leaving their dirty tools in on the floor!

My daughter will be a full Earth-year shortly. October 12th is the date. We are excited she did not succumb to colic and in honor will be holding a party, complete with cake.

Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Ex Machina - The First Hundred Days
Henry Rollins - Roomatarian

The Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden
Rise Against - Appeal To Reason
Mastodon - Blood Mountain
Finch - Finch
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dovka twitters

Written: 00:32 on August 14, 2008  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
For those of you that haven't noticed the wonderful side-bar app that Jon coded, we now have a nice little Twitter streamer. I also thought some nice links would be in order, feel free to follow Dovka-ers on our many adventures, in our many acres as we drink from many toilets.

Anthony (_parable)
Jon (_jon)
Ethan (1p5v)
Liam (_yen)
Johnny (JohnnyDubble)

Some other interesting twitters I follow:
Mars Phoenix Lander - First person perspective on the Mars Phoenix Lander, neat idea.
Thursday The band Thursday has a neat studio journal, unfortunately every album they've released since Full Collapse has been a disappointment.

Although, according to this, UK users can no longer receive SMS updates. Poor fellows.

Some other great sites I frequent:
Official Ubuntu Forums - A great resource for all things *buntu.
Deezer - Online music streams, great for work.
OpenDrive Access your hard-drive from anywhere.
Today's Big Thing - Whatever the latest internet video-fad is.

A more complete, and actual blog, post to follow.
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open computer

Written: 18:34 on April 30, 2008  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
If you've been hiding under a rock the last week (or just don't follow technologically by repeatedly refreshing 20 different tech-blogs, you might now have heard of Psystar, but if you have, you no doubt have heard about the companies new, ultra-cheap Mac.

Yup, somebody finally flipped ol' Jobs the bird, and is selling a Mac computer. Originally dubbed the OpenMac (Psystar has since changed it to the Open Computer to avoid a potential copyright infringement suit, ironically). Psystar argues that they are not selling anything illegal; all the copies of Leopard are authentic and purchased from Apple or a licensed Apple Vendor and the machine itself uses a clever series of emulation layers to run Leopard (the fact Apple switched to Intel chipsets probably helps, too).

While Psystar has been in various forms of trouble all week; they were dropped by their payment processor for a Terms of Service Violation (more than likely with some added pressure from Apple's lawyers), and the store is now mysteriously down, it brings to my mind one critical idea:

Apple software can run on any machine, and the fact that you need to shell out $1299 CDN for a base model Apple-brand machine is ludicrous (Psystar was selling their Open Computer for $299 + Leopard Licensing Costs). Apple maintains a small market share, and perhaps most of this is caused by price. I know that, personally, I wouldn't mind a Mac, especially as my gaming needs shift away from PC and towards consoles. But there is no justification for the price tag when I can go spend a few hundred dollars on a system and stick a legal copy of XP on it, or a free copy of Ubuntu.

For the time being, I'll wait and see if Psystar comes back, and maybe I'll order a machine from them, it's still cheaper than the real thing, even if it's not as sleek.

Update: - contrary to the URL string, Psystar is proving to be legit, customers are receiving the Open Computers as ordered and Psystars store has come into existence. (Thanks Lawrie for the link).
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