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random music suggestion: dredg - el cielo

Written: 05:17 on November 10, 2010  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
I can't even begin to explain this album was in not only my musical life, but my life in general. Conceptually a brilliant take on both the concept of dreams and rem sleep, as well as the concept of sleep paralysis. To build the concept of the album the band asked fans who suffered from sleep paralysis, or had experienced the symptom in some way to write letters to them, explaining either how the condition affected them, or describing their vivid waking dreams. The end result was the letters forming the majority of the lyrical structure of the album.

Beautiful vocals, boundary pushing instrumentals and some of the most juxtaposed musical concepts make this album a constant in my rotation to this day.

Highlight track - this is one album I can honestly say I consider every track to be a highlight. But 'Whoa Is Me' has always stuck out to me as just a haunting piece.

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  • johnny: I didn't realize how tired I was until I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. Best nap ever. — 9 pm
  • johnny: Man the kings can't buy a breaks tonight #stanleycupplayoffs — 25 HRS AGO
  • johnny: Why was there just a whistle in the kings game? And then the face off was at center? I don't understand what happened — 25 HRS AGO
  • johnny: So happy it's my last day. All I wanna do is sleep — 35 HRS AGO
  • johnny: Just got asked to play beach volleyball this summer, I haven't played volleyball in years and I'm not that good #decisions — 55 HRS AGO
  • johnny: People always ask me why I sound so bored at work. You ask the same questions 50000 times and try and sound excited about it — 62 HRS AGO

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