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an idea...

Written: 05:16 on October 29, 2009  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
Since heroes has become so lame…an idea occurred to me on how to reboot it. Hiro goes back in time and says something to Angela Pitrelli, new story ensues from new time line, a newer and better show (much like season 1) appears.
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a question,,,

Written: 05:26 on October 01, 2009  |  By: johnny  |  MORE…
John says:
it's not like there's anything wrong with leaving the toilet seat up…it's easier that way
why does the toilet seat always have to be down
after the girls done, why can't she put the toilet seat UP
anthony says:
I'm not sure, to be honest.
John says:
why is it always on us for not putting it down
anthony says:
That is my argument!
Put it up for me for once
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  • johnny: Man the kings can't buy a breaks tonight #stanleycupplayoffs — 24 HRS AGO
  • johnny: Why was there just a whistle in the kings game? And then the face off was at center? I don't understand what happened — 25 HRS AGO
  • johnny: So happy it's my last day. All I wanna do is sleep — 35 HRS AGO
  • johnny: Just got asked to play beach volleyball this summer, I haven't played volleyball in years and I'm not that good #decisions — 55 HRS AGO
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