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mark gormley: the next big meme?

Written: 10:11 on January 20, 2009  |  By: jon  |  MORE…
Can you hear that? It's the internet gearing up, rumbling and creaking into motion. A new meme is stirring.

"The Uncharted Zone" is the most important music show along the gulf coast, according to the website. It appears to be hosted by the eccentric Phil Thomas Katt, a Tommy Vance-esque front man (for those that remember the VH1 Rock Show), and it features music videos of unsigned acts. Sounds relatively normal, right?

Right. That is until you peruse the current Top 25 charting singles. At the time of writing, Walter Weyburn holds the coveted number one position with the seminal Walk On By. Observe.

Despite holding only positions #5 and #11 this week, I wish to draw your attention to Mark Gormley, a local singer/songwriter. Tall in stature, with a whispy mop of ginger hair and an excellent mustache, Gormley is here to take the internet by storm. All his videos (which appear to be directed by 'Katt Productions', which I imagine is Thomas Katt's company) are Gormley on green screen. He shuffles nervously as the angle changes wildly, and video is played behind him. His shrill voice over the top of acoustic guitar, or harpsichord. Simply beautiful. Possibly the funniest of the lot, however, is the 'intense' "Without You", a rock anthem if ever I heard one. The dirty guitar riff perfectly compliments Gormley's voice, whilst the video shows a (passably) attractive lady walking alone in various locations (emphasizing the 'Without You' lyric)!

It apepars we're not the only ones fascinated by Mark Gormley; Coilhouse have run a post about this fine fellow as well. Be sure to check his related videos for more musical excellence.
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