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2007 in review

Written: 16:01 on February 09, 2008  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…

Thrice – The Alchemy Index, Volumes I & II: Fire & Water
The California four-piece that is Thrice continues their evolution with a sonic tribute to the four elemets: Earth, Air, Water & Fire. Each album attempts to create the atmosphere of the element; Fire is heavy, destructive, agreesive, while water is soft, calm, melodic. Each CD also feartures a sonnet for the named element.

The Fire Album is amazing. The aggression is forefront with heavy riffs, thundering drums and vocals to tear one's face off. But, the band manage to blend in meleodies, harmonics and even choirs to remind that fire isn't just a destroyer, but also a creative force.

Water is a calm tempo, featuring the phenomenal instrumental track, Night Diving. This album makes ample use of electronica elements; keyboards, synth pads and the like.

Coheed And Cambria – Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume II: No World For Tomorrow
The saga continues. As Clauudio Sanchez, the vocalist/lead guitarist/mastermind behind the plot of Heaven's Fence takes us deeper into the Keywork. This album cements Coheed And Cambria as the leading guitar-rock gods in modern music.

Anberlin – Cities
I cannot say enough about this release, one of the most diverse pieces of plastic in my collection. Anberlin moves away from their agro-punk roots and delves into a more indie/punk/rock territory. The end result is a CD I cannot stop listening to, with every song being completely unique to itself, but telling a greaster story of love, loss and redemption. Bonus points for the anamzing finale song, *fin.

Funeral For A Friend – Tales Don't Tell Themselves
This album was a toss-up as to whether I wanted to include it on the list or not. For the sake of the fact that some of the songs are utterly epic in scope, I've left it on. However, the CD tires me quickly, FFAF have yet to master diversity on an album.

NOFX – Wolves In Wolves Clothing
It's NOFX. I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Verdict: It's surprisingly good, if not predictable. A good tie together for the events between movies.

Scrubs – Final Season
A show I loved through the first three seasons, the last few have been a flunk with pointless plots, side-tracks and fourth wall-breaking. I'm sad to see it go, but at the same time hope something better will take the time-slot.

The Office (US Version)
This show really only seems to appeal to those that work in an office. The humour is fantastic, and the cringing moments of Steve Carrells character, Manager Michael Scott, remind me of so many well-meaning, but ill advises managers.

Robot Chicken
Proof that Seth Green should quit Family Guy and do this full time. One of the most diverse shows, with amazing stop-motion work. The Star Wars episode, full of Star Wars parody, leaves me in stitches every time.

Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe
If you've ever wondered about those disgusting jobs that nobody would ever want to do; like clean out a sewage tank, this is the show to watch. Mike travels around the US and the world to show the jobs that people do, to keep society moving.


Halo 3 (XBOX 360)
The "conclusion" (?) to the Halo trilogy introduced new gameplay elements, brought us across the universe, and then ended worse then ended with a complet WTF moment that left me googling to make sure I hadn't skipped a level or gotten a faulty disc. It's not that the story ended badly, it just…ended. Without a real climatic battle. I was expected to actually play the huge Diorama Bungie had constructed. Oh well, maybe for Halo Wars.

Call Of Duty 4(XBOX 360) – Apparently you can beat a dead horse a little too long. Activision finally brings the COD series into modern times, after 3+ games themed in WW2. The result is an amazing, if too short, single player campaign and the strongest online contender since Halo to the XBOX Live market. Outstanding graphics, great weapons and a challenging game play still abound.

Mass Effect (XBOX 360)
Bioware is known for creating in depth games, but I think they've not only beaten their own bar, but soared over it at Mach 5 from 40,000 feet. Mass Effect contains, literally, Thousands of voice acted dialogue trees, where your answers determine the tone, length and helpfulness of a conversation. React to sarcastically and a friendly NPC may stop giving you vital information. Only complaints: Combat system is a littlee touchy and the land-roaming Shark is an annoying side-track.

BioShock (XBOX 360)
What if a game allowed you to have super powers like an X-Man and use guns like Rambo? BioShock does both beautifully. Use Plasmids to modify your skills; Shoot flames, suspend enemies in the air, mind control your foes and more. The game's setting can't be overlooked either; a creapy dystopian 1930's underwater cities, with hundreds of kilometers of pathways, rooms, hidden passages and more to explore.

And for the bonus round….

Switching from a GSM phone to a CDMA….bad choice. I can't get along well with such a locked down handset that won't even let me edit the configs.

DSL Internet
Awful for the first month, once the kinks were worked out it's been great. Would still prefer cable, but at the deal I got (Free Wireless Modem/Router, Free XBOX 360 Elite + Forza Motorsport) + XBOX Live Gold Membership + Wireless Adapter) I can't really complain.

What a waste, we used 20 mintues total over 4 months.

Fuck. Off.

Living in the United States for 6 weeks
Enjoyable, not paying for anything was great. Houston is a great city, I'd go again.

Mutual Funds
Need to stop losing money at some point before I retire.

Are fantastic, please buy yourself one or twenty.

LG Cellphones
Equally as fantastic. Better than most entry levels I've used.

Dell PCs
My father bought one, after I spent 3 hours cleaning the crap off it, it still runs slow as hell. Dell says the performance in Normal, I find background processes that won't die properly. Advise my father to return computer. Two months later Dell refunds him.

At 13c a package, by far the best juice in existence still.

Nintendo DS
Hurts my neck, but touch-stylus games are incredibly fun.
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