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Written: 21:12 on January 29, 2008  |  By: ethan  |  MORE…
It's been a slow time here at, obviously. Wait, who am I speaking to that doesn't already know this? ON WITH IT.

First on the list for reviewal: Tang. Now with Fruition. If you don't know all about Tang, I'm not sure we can be friends. Tang is one of my passions. It's easily my favourite soft drink in the entire god damn universe. Recently, they changed the decades-old formula, added more vitamins, removed some sugar and replaced it with artificial sweeteners. I usually drink sugar-free, anyway, but that stuff is harder to find, and doesn't come in a large tub, anyway, sadly. ANYWAY, the point of this is: you'd think that Tang had slaughtered some babies or something, the way people freaked when they removed that sugar. SO I was a bit apprehensive when I spend four dollars for a container of this sweet orange powder. UNNECESSARILY. I'm honestly not sure what the hubbub is about. It tastes good! Not quite the same, but it is still very Tang, and superior to Kool-Aid for sure. So, I give you 4.8/5, Tang, but your drooling fanatic freaks score a Jesus, worry about something that matters/5.

NEXT: Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. It's good! Any Dragon Quest fan should enjoy this. Who among us has never wanted to create a super-powered Drakee, capable of casting Kaboom, healing the party, and using Omnislash, all in one fight? I HAVE DREAMT OF IT. It's repetitive, sure. It's kind of trite and predictable, yes. It involves hours and hours of level grinding, definitely. BUT IT'S DRAGON QUEST. Those are things are the foundation upon which the franchise is built. It's typically a love or hate relationship with Dragon Quest, and I happen to be weeeellllllll on the side of love. For all of this, I give DQM:J a Level 40 Slime/10.

Lastly, before the speed round, let's take a look at my living situation. Those of you who know me know the shack as well, and my opinions and experiences in it. It's been on my mind lately, because I'm looking at my finances and realising that all this rent is not building me any equity whatsoever. On the flip side, however, I do love this house, with all its flaws. I sometimes wish I owned it, because I think I could very much improve it for not much money. Alas. So, I rate the shack 45/68 for all its charms, minus a penalty for costing me money without building equity. Also penalized for squirrels in the chimney.
  • Between Hell and Reason: Albert Camus at Combat: quatre.cinq/cinq!
  • Not having any mice in the house since Christmas: yay/10
  • The Asus Eee PC, or Eeep, as I like to call it: i-don't-really-need-one-but-i-just-got-bonuses/neat
  • More days of way-below-freezing weater, but still no snow: so depressing/5.
  • Being responsible for 90% of the projects going out the door at work: i used to have an assistant/get me a new one please.

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