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biffovision pilot

Written: 20:37 on March 24, 2007  |  By: liam  |  MORE…
With an addition to a previous Dovka:

Biffovision Pilot Episode
BBC3 26th March @ 3:15

That is 3:15am so set your VHS' or more modern recording equipment if you are not a nocturnal geek like some of us… ahem. Also the odd time is nothing to be concerned about apparently BBC just want to show it before the end of the financial year so later on we will have a more normal repeating of the pilot.

Edit on 26/03/07:

Courtesy of a nice Youtuber I present Biffovision in Youtube format.

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a quiet yawn.

Written: 14:25 on March 23, 2007  |  By: liam  |  MORE…
And so the PS3 has finally been released in Europe and the UK after what seems like years of waiting for it and it has met a quiet hum of excitement. When the X-Box 360 was released there was a huge excitement in the air people at gaming shops talking about it and happily taking them home. The Wii release beat this you couldn't move for people wanting Wii's - I was working in a music shop at the time and we had people queuing up outside despite the fact we weren't even stocking them, unless you had ordered about 12 months in advance you were very stuck for getting one.

I went into town today and I was offered a PS3 at every shop I went too. Is this Sony shipping millions of PS3's to UK shops? (Nope they shipped 200,000) or is it the fact that at £425… in March. No-one can be bothered. People are still recovering from Christmas/New Year on their Credit Cards, even Valentines Day which has become nearly as expensive as Christmas for a lot of people. March isn't the best time of the year to ask people to spend more money and I think most people in the world who want a console already shelled out the money for a 360 or a Wii. Or is it that people are really not that interested I know I'm not, I don't know anyone who is and no chance I'm spending that much money on it to play Medal of Honour, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (seriously way to be new and exciting), whatever NBA/NFL games there is or the plethora of Tom Clancy games that I'm sure will roll out. At least the Wii had Zelda on release there is nothing on the PS3 till Metal Gear 4 is released sometime in Q4 of 2007.

Of course Sony knows this this is why; "At the London launch everyone who bought a PS3 also received a free 46-inch HD television and a taxi home." Beg more Sony?

I'm not saying the PS3 will fail because it obviously won't (you have brand loyalty and because of franchise games and rich bastards with money to spend). I'm not even saying it's a bad console, you're an idiot if you say the technology is bad. But with all the mistakes Sony have made from E3's and it's other "worldwide" launch to all the cutbacks with the sup-par European PS3 this is another bump. I think it's surprising that something which is meant to be the most amazing console has been released to such a yawn or is it a culmination of their mistakes? In my opinion, the FFXII launch was much more exciting and that was a game not hardware.

Will Smith's PS3
But at least Will Smith seemed to have got his PS3.

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hello, my name is: rogue galaxy

Written: 00:22 on March 18, 2007  |  By: ethan  |  MORE…
Happy Sunday, dames and gents. What follows is a quick journal of my first 48 hours with the PS2 RPG Rogue Galaxy. Nothing too in-depth, just first impressions, notable quirks, flaws, etc. Not quite a review, but the beginnings of one. The initial WOW factor which is really what grabs you. I'm thinking I might make this an ongoing bit, with games, and maybe books or music, if it works. So by all means, tell me if it does/doesn't.

Rogue Galaxy9:28pm, 15 March 2007: I just put Rogue Galaxy in the PS2. Immediately, I am taken by it. Level 5, you are amazing. The style of this game is exactly what I hoped it was. Why more people don't make Space Operas, I'll never know. I am Jaster Rogue, who is more than a little Luke Skywalker. From a desert planet, doesn't know his real father (yet), fights with a sword/sabre and a blaster. You get the idea.

9:38: First battle. Combat is fast! Not in a bad way, but when you have five baddies on-screen, it gets a bit hectic, and I wasn't prepared for it in my overtired state.

9:44: Second battle. I died. Little cactus creatures slaughtered me in two hits before I could hit triangle to use a potion. Whoops. That's discouraging, just a bit. Restart! Skip intro this time, and head back into it, only this time a little smarter.

9:58: Wow, I'm bad at this. I died. Again. Ethan needs more random encounter practice, and needs to learn to dodge.

10:07: This time I manage to hack up a whole lot of enemies, and roll on down to the first boss, after a bunch of cutscenes, and allies coming and going. I especially appreciate Steve, the robot, because who names a robot Steve? I find that hilarious.

10:28: First boss cleared. It took me forever. I have a habit of wanting to wander around looking at everything, instead of just killing stuff. I'm also having a conversation as I play this game. This was an interesting fight. I was handed a gun that forms platforms over its back, so I can jump up on them, while it's moving, and hack away at its exposed heart. Nuts!

10:42: Ethan, you are a dumbass. I forgot to save after my big boss victory… and ended up dying in a huge, hectic, random encounter. Restart again…

10:58: I finally managed to level up, upgrade my equipment, and get ready to head out of town into the desert, ALL WITHOUT DYING. Hooray!

Since I have to work tomorrow, that's it for day one. I really do enjoy this game, despite the whole… dying three times thing. But, to be honest, I suck at any sort of action game until I play it for forever, so it's to be expected.

Friday: 5:01: Time for space! After a couple random battles, and a new flamethrower, I head into the desert. Lots of cutscenes ensue. They are GORGEOUS. Lots of craziness involving giant worms and cute space girl and big flying ship. I am assuming she will become the love interest at some point, because hey… that's just how these things work.

5:10: Finally, I am a crew member on Captain Dorgengoa's (The Greatest Space Pirate in the Galaxy) ship, the Dorgenark. Not the most creative name, I know, but its second in command is a suspiciously Meowth-like cat. He is highly entertaining, though, so I'll let the plagiarism slide. After all of five minutes aboard, CRASH, and we land on a jungle planet, and I get the chance to roam around free, battling and levelling and DYING but only a couple of times, and that was from the mimics. Note to anyone playing: save before you wander to the end of the stream. That chest is a mimic, and it most like will kill you, as it does about 90% damage to all your characters at close range.

And there you have it. My first 48 hours with Rogue Galaxy. I spent a little more time with it tonight, and still, I do love it. It is almost on par with Dragon Quest VIII, though that is a Dragon Quest game, so it naturally wins out. I've discovered a couple of clunky menu design flaws, but nothing major. On a scale of zero to one, with zero meaning don't buy, and one meaning buy, I give this: 1.

Now, I'm off to play Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime until I go ZZZZZ. ….When did I become such a gamer?
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objection! take that! hold it!

Written: 21:32 on March 11, 2007  |  By: ethan  |  MORE…
Wow, I am hip, now. "Why?" I hear you ask. Because, my friends, I have discovered the joy of Phoenix Wright.

It is no small secret that I love the DS. NDS, even, if you want to keep things to sweet three-letter abbrev's. I haven't bought so many games for a system since… well. Never, probably. Not in such a short period of time, at least. In a little more than a year I've probably bought a dozen games, and all but one are gold. So, when Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney came out forever ago, I thought "that looks nifty," but then promptly left it alone. Cue to a year later. The sequel And Justice For All came out, and herds of fanboys got excited, and about then, I started to wonder if I was missing something. The short answer is "HOT DAMN I CERTAINLY WAS!"

Phoenix Wright is intense. That is the single word that describes it best. Everything is exaggerated. Beautifully so. Every little action in dialogue results in anime sweatdrops or tit bounces or *WINKS* n_~ Every time you object or present a new piece of evidence brings fullscreen graphics saying OBJECTION! or TAKE THAT! on top of a big explosion graphic. The dialog is honestly funny, unlike a lot of games that try to be humourous and end up…. just failing. The plot is honestly somewhat predictable. Logic-ing out whodunnit is never an impossible task, though presenting the right evidence and cross-examining properly, can get challenging. It seems like it will offer very little replay value, but the quality of the rest of the game more than makes up for this. That and its pure INTENSITY.

Besides, I got it for 17 bucks on eBay, so who's complaining? Not me! I'll be picking up the sequel as soon as I'm done with the first, and attacking all the text adventure-type games that have come out for NDS in the last little while. Hotel Dusk ready yourself. Ethan Ace is headed your way.

On another note: Fixedsys Excelsior 3.00 is out, and it is heavenly. 
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rip steve rogers

Written: 09:32 on March 08, 2007  |  By: liam  |  MORE…
captain america dies
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
March 1941 - March 2007

You probably won't be down and out for long, so we'll give it a year or so. But in the meantime we'll all be in mourning. Maybe.
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Written: 15:22 on March 06, 2007  |  By: anthony  |  MORE…
Apparently Apple thinks people may be using their iPods for very evil deeds:

You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons.

Source: Apple's iTunes software, version 7.0
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an open letter to today's television.

Written: 19:35 on March 01, 2007  |  By: ethan  |  MORE…
Fuck you:
  • American Idol
  • America's Next Top Model
  • Project Runway
  • House
  • 24
  • Nip/Tuck
  • The Hills
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Heroes
  • Lost
  • Survivor season three hundred and eighty
  • Oh fuck it, unless you are: HGTV, History Channel, TLC, Discovery, Comedy Central, CNN Headline News, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, Monk, or a fraction of Adult Swim — please go away.
Isn't anyone offering ala carte TV yet? Please…?
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