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Written: 22:59 on January 31, 2007  |  By: ethan
There are at least two manufacturers of gin and tonic in a can.

Why did none of you inform me of this?
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Anthony at 04:21 on February 01, 2007
We did, but you were already drunk.
Jons at 16:54 on February 01, 2007
What is better… gin and tonic in a can, or milk in a bag?
Liam at 19:19 on February 01, 2007
There is nothing good about milk in a bag.
ethan at 02:52 on February 02, 2007
liam is right.

also i have realised the folly of gin and tonic in a can, for me at least. that is, i would be DRUNK ALLL THE TIME. it would be consumed like a can of soda, and that is just bad.

"hey ethan, what did you do last night?"
"i forget, i drank a six of gin and tonic."

if you recall the gin alley image, it would look something like that. only with more cans.
Liam at 05:02 on February 02, 2007
And with more babies on spikes.
Jons at 09:38 on February 02, 2007
Drunk all the time Ethan? Surely you meant "crunk".
liam at 13:56 on February 02, 2007
Efan at 16:40 on February 02, 2007
Yes, I meant crunk. That picture of Gin Lane is actually me and my squad. Getting crunk. Crunk off da heezy.
liam at 13:04 on March 07, 2007
I would like to point out I had a Gin and Tonic in a can at the weekend and it was actually very nice.
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