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dovka comic overview week :: 04-01-07

Written: 16:09 on January 09, 2007  |  By: liam  |  MORE…
Slightly later than I would have wanted to post this but oh well. I plan to do quick reviews of comics each week because it's a blog and I have to post something and maybe I might make someone pick up something. We'll see how many I can do before failing.

Two Covers of the Week ::

Ant-Man #4
Cover by: Phil Hester

ant-man #4 I just love this cover, it's got something so crazy 60s horror about it or maybe that's 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' this image is just what comic books should look like. You have the newly crowed Ant-Man getting attacked by one huge ant. In this case it seems the ant has the upper hand which is just excellent, the ants finally get back at Eric for burning them with a magnifying glass when he was young (knowing Eric you know he did that). I just see the cover and have to know what happens next. It's eye catching it's fun and Phil Hester draws stuff perfectly. The shame is this comic is not selling well and will probably end by issue 10.

52 #35
Cover by: J. G. Jones

52 #35 This cover is beyond cool really. Luthor watches from his office window as thousands of Superheroes, that he created, fall from the sky and at the stroke of midnight on New Years Day. He just watches like it is a party. That's cool, that menacing, that's Luthor. The foreground tells you everything you need to know about him too; carved Ivory Horn, desk made out of a Giant Red Wood (both of these showing his ego and his contempt for nature), his laptop with Lexcorp logo - Lex ever the business man and the folder which is why he is so pissed. Plus, J.G. Jones could make a poo look gorgeous I don't think there has been a bad 52 cover and this is certainly one of the better.

Two Comics of the Week ::

52 #35
Writers: Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid and Grant Morrison
Artists: Various

52 #3552 even when it is at it's worse has kept you wanting next week, at it's best it is stuff like this week just out and out shit hitting the fan exploits. Lex's everyman project story comes to a peak when this week he decides to remove the powers of all of them (apart from Infinity Inc.) which is bad news for anyone currently flying or lifting a mountain above them. Most of the comic is pure panic on the streets of Metropolis while loads of superheroes rain from the sky and innocent bystanders die, Supernova dashes about trying to save all he can, unnamed Everyman heroes trying to understand why they can't do anything "Gravity Null Gravity Null Gravity Null it's not working…! RUN RUNNNN!".
The best thing is Lex, he casually watches all the destruction while on the phone to his scientists claiming no knowledge at one point he casually steps out of the way of a falling hero. Lex is best when he is the guilty person but no-one can prove it and he is best when he is completely cold hearted about it all. Just excellent. The end we catch up with the space heroes who are about to go see Lady Styx… we'll see next week.

P.S. Don't kill Animal-Man.

Superman #658
Written by: Kurt Busiek
Art by: Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino

Superman #658 I just love Busiek on this title. He seems to know Superman better than any other person in the world. In this story Arion (an ancient Atlantian sorcerer) is shows Superman the future - possible future scenario 404?. Where Humanity is left in small groups after major disaster after disaster and eventually are left extinct with Jimmy Olsen actually playing a Kamandi role as last Human on Earth. Catching up with the future Humans is the most interesting part the team of Humans is led by Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Lex Luthor with members like a Wonder Woman, a Green Lantern and a Flash, Parasite is there after absorbing so much of Clark's powers he actually believes himself to be Clark Kent. It continues on after last month where Khyber - the supreme lord of the future Earth seemingly kills Superman. The full effect of the story is that Superman needs to stop protecting us otherwise humanity will be wiped out. Arion explains that Civilizations have to fall (like Camelot, like Atlantis) and Superman has to allow this to happen for humanity to be strong enough to survive the aftermath.
In this, in almost direct opposition to 52, Lex plays the hero of Humanity he is at his strongest when he is forced to save and protect humanity. He is actually the ultimate humanitarian and seeing that play out here is just excellent. Which makes it more annoying when you see what a bastardization of his character is portrayed in movie outgoings.
Busiek is at his best his, like Astro City he has a real grasp of characters, makes stuff epic but relatable and annoying because you can't wait to read more. Carlos Pacheco joins up with some beautiful artwork to compliment the book and I can't wait to see where this is going to go in volume two of Camelot Falls. And how can this story not play on the mind of Superman – every time he acts is he dooming Humanity?
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belsammael at 11:36 on August 23, 2007
Yay Luthor!

Though now i'm curious yet almost afraid to ask why it's raining (super) men, and women.
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