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Liam doesn't live in the real world, since a very young age he has disappeared into a world of comic books and lives his life through their brightly coloured pages. He remembers saving the world from cosmic threats, seeing his high school sweetheart killed by his nemesis, avenging his father's death, meeting alien races and spending Christmas on the Moon and many other fantastic events. Not only does Liam mainly inhabit an imaginary world, when he is participating in the real world his only real foresight is into the past as an Archaeologist, furthermore he is fluent in Latin! As Liam would say "in omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro". If Liam could be any fictional character he would be Aquaman as he feels he has a bad reputation and would want to change it.


Age: 28 years, 1 month, 2 weeks, 6 days.
Born: 04th February 1984

Twitter — What I have been twittering about lately

  • Qatar got a hell of a lot more lonely yesterday. Not good, not good at all.
  • Stormtroopers hitting the ground. #mates
  • Right so now I find what I want to say. Fuck this..
  • For all the archaeological map geeks out there. Atlas of Rural Settlement in GIS. http://t.co/8SNAp1db
  • why do i suddenly have 400 ideas for scripts and a netbook that is horrid to write on?
  • SimCity is back! Fuck yes. http://t.co/qhXQmQxr
  • The Myoclonic Jerk's episodes on game addiction just made me miss paying warcraft. #notthedesiredeffect
  • Oh Chelsea. Villas-Boas was not the problem.
  • I've always kind of wanted a cool limp.
  • Qatari Tri-Force http://t.co/ADkaOgMy
  • http://t.co/jHoST3sh lol
  • @Johnny glad you liked it!
  • The new Muppets movie was actually splendid.
  • Giant Takashi Murakami at the Ego exhibit in Doha http://t.co/xwjv3ni4
  • Adored Take Shelter. Michael Shannon has quickly become a favourite actor of mine.
  • Split my favorite black site pants :|
  • Caligula; the sullen Qatari cat. http://t.co/00PuMHup
  • Rainbow Orange Curry http://t.co/fF3TiLKl
  • Qatari hangovers are so much worse than any other hangovers.
  • Guarantee Harry won't take the job and England will end up with Hodgson and go crashing out of Euro 2012. England job worse job in football.
  • Who said there was no archaeology in Qatar. http://t.co/S0jb5HGG
  • Another year I claim of total indifference.
  • Looking forward to this tomorrow. Qatari's are bonkers. http://t.co/Gqsos3FK
  • Doha Jazz Club http://t.co/wrUxd6Mk
  • Why do I keep kidding myself that Villa are going to do well?
  • Oh Leica Gods why do you hate us so.
  • View from the office http://t.co/PeouRwsN
  • Didn't realise Qataris laid eggs. http://t.co/Zkd6EsJB
  • Takashi Murakami and Cat Stevens coming to Doha. Actually excited for both.
  • @anthony @Jon sold!
  • I've missed my apartment at the Wakra Inn. Now I'm back home.
  • I know people who dig up graves, just to label the bones.
  • Just posted a photo http://t.co/OjQYk7zU
  • Kind of stocked to see the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra at Katara. And it's outside! Overlooking the bay! Woo!
  • Finally got round to watching the Qatar project on Nat Geo "Diving for Noah's Flood". Actually thought they did a good job of presenting it.
  • One last night of liver harming fun before going back to dry land.
  • If one thing comes out of this HS2 decision. It's a fantastic boon for commercial archaeologists in the UK.
  • I joined a Cannibal cult in Skyrim because they were really polite and I didn't want to be rude and offend them. I'm so English.
  • Leave that man alone, just because he is Black doesn't mean he has the Shining.
  • Please note; there is no treasure in the Qatari desert.
  • Actually looking forward to getting back in the field now. Two weeks of Skyrim was good for the holidays but there is treasure to be found!
  • Although it's 2012 so I hope you guys are listening to Space-Glo. Check out my sceneTumblr soon!
  • RIP Seapunk. Hello Desert Ambient.
  • Having strange dreams about the Qatar Project that involve submarines, Germans and cigars.
  • I forgot how alcohol is the devil and I shall never partake again.
  • @Johnny merry prefab xmas! I wanted to get you the scarf but it said not shipping for 3-5 weeks :((
  • I make awesome Eggnog.
  • Birmingham is cold and wet and I wholly disapprove.
  • Lonely getting a taxi when everyone else is getting met and hugged at the arrivals gate is kind of meh. Luckily, I have Whiskey and Skyrim.
  • I preferred The Hobbit trailer to The Dark Knight Rises trailer.
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  • johnny: I find it amazing a guy leads a team to the playoffs and he gets replaced. A certain NY quarterback's team implodes he gets a new contract — 5 pm
  • johnny: So happy I'm off march break Sunday — 28 HRS AGO
  • johnny: Happy st pattys day folks. Have fun and drink your faces off. I'll be getting crushed #borderproblems — 54 HRS AGO
  • liam: Qatar got a hell of a lot more lonely yesterday. Not good, not good at all. — 63 HRS AGO
  • liam: Stormtroopers hitting the ground. #mates — 63 HRS AGO
  • johnny: @ethan lehigh!!!!! #MarchMadness — 67 HRS AGO

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