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Jon came into this world with no knowledge of what a computer is or what its main functions are. This quickly changed, due to Jon being raised locked in a windowless room in central England with only a BBC Micro and a copy of Citadel to entertain him. Soon growing tired of being unable to prevent the hero becoming a Werewolf Jon set about learning how to program himself so never again would he have to rely on 3rd parties telling him what his goals were. On your journeys around the internet you may have actually met him, but you would not know it, as he never keeps an SN for long forever changing and adapting to the modern zeitgeist. Jon says if he could be any fictional character it would be Will Riker as he loves the beard and the trombone - but isn't completely sure he is fictional.


Age: 28 years, 3 months, 4 weeks, 1 day.
Born: 28th December 1983

Music — What I have been listening to recently

Nothing, recently...

Twitter — What I have been twittering about lately

  • #puppylove http://t.co/Uybsp9DR
  • who remembers gizzard greens? share ur gizzard greens with a friend.
  • a baby that has been force-fed 'za since birth
  • new http://t.co/ZqFlz1i9 post: "PNGs & browser colour management" http://t.co/CfTWGJmQ
  • who the fuck is responsible for making it december.
  • beer can or bacon? either way I love my girlfriend and her little paws.
  • in bournemouth. haven't found the beach yet.
  • really fucking fed up.
  • sudden and overwhelming urge to go find a piece of land, buy it, and build a house. inspired by this: http://t.co/JcazG7iA #bucketlist
  • nc -v http://t.co/jXDdpBMN 23
  • what's with all the monday sucks tweets. it owns. monday owns. thats right, i said it.
  • be nice
  • she has some wacky traditions.
  • my girlfriend :]
  • @ethan everybody knows /somebody/ like that. there's always one.
  • anybody: is 'sora no otoshimono' worth picking up and reading? #manga
  • professional chilleurs // always buy cassettes
  • bead-weighted tests with lofticries / lofticries with trembling thighs / weepy chests with weepy sighs / weepy skin with trembling thighs
  • the great b-ball purge of 2041
  • heathcliff, heathcliff, no one should / terrorize the neighborhood ~
  • r red trousers still 'relevant'? r they p indie or are u a mainstreamer if u wear them? does wearing them mean ur achieving 'fashion goals'?
  • imagine how different things could have been if freddie asked daddy if he wanted a soda or a 'za instead.
  • never needed coffee more in my life
  • ehh.
  • who remembers ALF aka. alien life form. what a piece of shit.
  • there's no sense in begin a pessimist. it won't work anyway.
  • so bbgrl, u gots'ta tell me… whxt txrns u xn?
  • sounds like hayao #miyazaki is working on the new ghibli and not goro.
  • feel strange locking my front door when I leave for work. g/f is still asleep & my loft is one huge room. feels like I'm locking her cell.
  • feels like sunday.
  • ~casts magic~ "e.. everything ~ za warudo"
  • weedbeast
  • then suddenly, raccoons. ~everywhere~
  • I take pictures of you when you are not looking ~creepy smile~ http://t.co/tEb7pBzj
  • it takes a lotta courage to go out there and radiate your essence
  • don't get in a stupor / if she loves you, she's your buddy too / your heart swells easy / don't be afraid, so do all of ours
  • I like rice. rice is great when you're hungry and you want 2,000 of something.
  • teamwork makes the dream work, y'all.
  • @Liam i love the leather, oh~!
  • @Liam @catbeef I want BBQ'd goat ;__;
  • who remembers the moment when the island of jersey morphs into john nettles' face.
  • who knew bergerac ran for nine seasons?
  • hatred of music (i + ii)
  • oracle and scribd have put me in a bad mood this morning. not being able to find some old code I wrote is adding to that mood. #irate
  • realisation that I am 28 in only two months time. I remember being 22 like it were yesterday, where did my 20's go? #onlydeathisreal
  • if it rains on my freshly valeted car before I even get chance to drive it, I'm going to hulk out. #grumble
  • pretty sure a creepy guy in a car blacked-out clio blew my girlfriend a kiss at 4am when we were at some lights. damn london, u scary.
  • watford gap aka. satan's throne
  • shinto goblin
  • adobe photoshop cs5 sure does munch through ram. I need 8gb. #whinge
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  • liam: Falcon shopping in the Souq http://t.co/JO5pl0lq — 6 am
  • liam: Starting to love the early morning fish market. http://t.co/B3Gg49nA — 6 am
  • johnny: Dodge the #sausagefest on to #yanks — 6 am
  • johnny: Holy #sausagefest at #bpcliftonhill #turrible — 4 am
  • johnny: Where to go tonight? — 2 am
  • johnny: #BlueJays triple play!!!! — 2 am

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