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anthony was raised by a group of wondering trappers, he learnt the trade of his people in the treacherous mountain tops of the Coast Mountains in Canada. In a particularly harsh winter of 1996 the Luck tribe rode into Moncton looking for a warm place to sleep and a hardy meal to stem their hunger. That's when Anthony caught sight of a television show, learning how a young man's life got flipped upside down to become a Prince - Anthony was mesmerised. From that day forth Anthony longed to be back in the lights of the big city and in 2004 that day came he rode off to live in the big city. There he met a girl and eventually settled down, bought a house, got a dog and formed a family. If Anthony could be any fictional character he would be Hawley Griffin - "being invisible would be cool".


Age: 32 years, 2 weeks, 2 days.
Born: 14th February 1985

Music — What I have been listening to recently

Nothing, recently...

Twitter — What I have been twittering about lately

  • This is Shady…not sure if I like the name…Jaedyhn just calls her "my dog"..but she's ours! http://t.co/CBjlIave
  • That awkward moment when you're positive the girl at the table next to you at a restaurant was in a porn you watched once….
  • @ethan getting her wisdom teeth out
  • Waiting for Tandah to get out of surgery.
  • I guess this is a little late to the twitterverse and all, but Silas Anthony Luck was born last Friday. http://t.co/MifqtJAG
  • Looking forward to three days at Emmerson "E" next week.
  • I do believe it's time to get the barbecue out and have our friends over on the patio.
  • 25 degrees outside and done work 30 minutes early! #warmweather
  • Are we getting all our snow in a one week span? How many days to summer now?
  • My 500th tweet was a happy birthday to my wife, seems appropriate.
  • If someone could write a Chrome plug in that would block all celebrity marriage, death, divorce, etc news I'd give them cash. #DontCare
  • Whitney houston is dead, or Syria's army using human shields…I'd rather focus on important news. Thanks though.
  • @Liam @Jon Just sayin'…it's on the market… http://t.co/i0O1roFP
  • Just finished one wicked looking homemade pizza. #doughfromscratch #itsnotdelicisioitsawesome
  • Who replaces an entire stair case because their kid gets one splinter? #familyguy #wtfplot
  • Drinking a Premium Lager by Pump House Brewery (New Brunswick) ? http://t.co/QSi5BIdp #photo
  • @ethan picking up a Sam Adams winter lager. Any beer recommends?
  • I don't work tomorrow. #earlyweekend
  • Put my clothes on after my shower but wasn't fully dry. Now I'm kind of wet for a few minutes. #FirstWorldPains
  • Holy eff. At the drive in is making music again?! What an awesome day!
  • Reading Jose Santiago's brilliant novel "blindness". One of the best books I've read in a very long time.
  • Rick Santorum? The man who said the biggest threat to the American family is gay marriage. Really, Iowa?
  • Another cup of coffee and I might feel ready to do something.
  • Thinking we need some new kids movies.
  • Coffee even makes my cup happy. http://t.co/JPFZRK66
  • @Jon Are you saying your girlfriend has tiny paws shaped like beer cans with bacon fingers?
  • Shoveling out the 'playground'
  • Remember remember the fifth of November/Gunpowder, treason and plot/I see no reason why gunpowder, treason/Should ever be forgot…
  • The antibiotics I'm taking for a scrape make me dizzy #firstworldproblems
  • What is the what: One of the most moving books I've read in a long time, an amazing tale of refugees. #indigofaves #daveeggersistheman
  • World War Z: Amazing take on the zombie apocalypse. #indigofaves
  • @Liam Are you king of Qatar yet?
  • Woke up with a terrible charlie horse that won't go away. Ow.
  • I'd be infinitely more impressed with the occupy movement if people actually did something beyond standing around waving signs.
  • Sticking my hand inside a dead bird then stuffing it with food, cooking it for a few hours and… Read more at http://t.co/ybFjCdzQ
  • Tandah didn't feel well so I sat her down and made her play fallout 3 three- now she feels better.
  • movie night with my lovely wife.
  • Tomorrow's turkey is thawing out, should be a good day.
  • @Liam Bowtie. Yes. Do eeeeet.
  • @ethan @catbeef offer four feathers and @ethans hand for passage.
  • Watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the first time tonight #welcometo2008
  • Cohen couldn't decide between an apple or a banana…2 year olds have it easy.
  • @Liam That's an awesome Rollins quote. Where'd you find that?!
  • Best conversation of the day; attempting to explain the size of an elephant to a three and a half year old.
  • I'm all for equality and gay rights, blahblah. But the target audience of Bert and Ernie aren't even old enough to understand romantic love.
  • Needs to pick a hair style that isn't "too long" then "buzzed off"…
  • @Liam write his wrong, eh?
  • @Liam Canadia sounds like a snobby British colony….wait I guess it's apt then.
  • Listening to the rain and some background Thrice, sipping a coffee. Relax.
  • Waiting on a pot of coffee…
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  • anthony: This is Shady…not sure if I like the name…Jaedyhn just calls her "my dog"..but she's ours! http://t.co/CBjlIave — 38321 HRS AGO
  • liam: Hey. Terriers is good. #gettingintoshowswayaftertheyarecancelled — 38341 HRS AGO
  • johnny: Think Chipper is disappointed about how the fans acted tonight? #MLBPlayoffs — 38407 HRS AGO
  • johnny: But I feel this is relevant "and here come the pretzels!" #MLBPlayoffs — 38408 HRS AGO
  • johnny: The #Barves got two extra bases out of it, they should be happy #MLBPlayoffs — 38408 HRS AGO
  • johnny: He would've caught it, the ump calling infield fly made him think he was called off #MLBPlayoffs — 38408 HRS AGO

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