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dovka.org is a blog penned by several authors from North America and Europe who share similar interests and have known each other for many years. We decided to start a group blog long ago as we are creative people and it is irritating when you have something to write but have no audience, or nowhere to display your work. Since it's almost a scratch-pad for us, the posts vary in quality quite a bit — we just hope somebody out there reads it, and likes it.

We are not to be confused with the boat by the same name! If you are looking for the boat, it can be found at dovka.com


Old Version of dovka.org dovka.org was originally started early in 2004 by myself to replace my old website phrenzy.org; Having blogged alone for several years I began to tire of it and had the idea to start up a group blog with friends of mine on the IRC network I run. As a group (and we call ourselves the prefabricators after the channel we reside in), we've been blogging here for a few years now, on and off. This is the second iteration of the website - the old version (if you can make it out in the tiny screenshot) got attacked pretty heavily by comment spammers, and so I took it down.


dovka.org has been scripted with the excellent MVC-based PHP framework CodeIgniter. This site also utilises the XML-RPC anti-spam efforts provided by LinkSleeve, hooked into some bespoke home-grown anti-spam efforts. We have recently also introduced an extra layer of protection via the Defensio API. The recent links page is generated from a public del.icio.us XML feed, and some of the prefabricators personal data is also mined from public XML files on social networking sites they are members of. All code outside of the framework was scripted by Jon Ellis-Jones. The site is hosted on our dedicated server "Dante", located in sunny California USA. "Aeons", not too far from London (Maidenhead).

If you have any questions about the technical aspects of the site, please use the contact us page to send us your queries.

about the prefabricators...


… the hell are these lovable rogues? They're the authors. Hailing from all over the world, these IRC defenders of truth congregate together and discuss intangible concepts such as "Gin Lane" & fridge painting.

~ JON ~
~ LIAM ~
What is dovka?

this is a group blog run by a group of irc zealots, the prefabricators; each is a member of an exclusive irc channel on phrenzy.


here's a list of destinations that are worth visiting…


we talk about a range of stuff here at dovka:


always dedicated to the cause, the prefabricators microblog whilst out exploring the real world…

  • ethan: Is it sad that I MOST want it to be Christmas Eve so I can crack open these two bottles of beer I've been saving? — 3 am
  • johnny: Boring, I don't want any of these three to win #survivor — 3 am
  • johnny: Coach is gonna pussy out #survivor — 2 am
  • johnny: Fucking ozzy #survivor — 2 am
  • liam: Qatar National Day Fireworks http://t.co/190p7fyb — 24 HRS AGO
  • anthony: Coffee even makes my cup happy. http://t.co/JPFZRK66 — 55 HRS AGO

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